🚘 Roadmap

On this page, you'll find our public roadmap, we've built this roadmap based on current user feedback, calculating the amount of time we expect it will take to complete the addition of new features.

In most cases, bug fixes are not added to the roadmap, we simply tag those ASAP, and those fixes will generally happen in the next release.

If you'd like to contribute your input or suggestion, you can send an email to: roadmap {-at-} thunderdrive {-dot-} io

Our entire roadmap is based on feedback we receive from our users, and your feedback is highly valued!

Bug fixes expected ASAP

  1. There is currently a display error when sorting files inside a folder.  Everything is functioning properly, but the name selected doesn’t display correctly.

Q3 2019

  • iOS App (Pending Approval)
  • Android App (Pending Approval)
  • User Notifications (Active)

Q4 2019

  • Desktop App
  • Third Party Import
  • Multi-User Support
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